This is the Cutlock Crew, and we’re vloggers, bloggers and overall lovers of hip hop. This website has a wide variety of content on rap music that relates to current events and crazy situations in the world of hip hop. So if rap is your thing, I suggest that you guys follow us.


We Real is primed to become the number one source for rap news, review, speculation and rap talks in general.


Now generally we’re going to be displaying our Rap Talks, which are a podcast inspired video series in which we discuss hip hop. How is it like a podcast? Well, we have a mic and we’re going to be talking about hip hop. Now that is exactly like a hip hop podcast you may say. Well, it is different in that I will always have something dynamic playing in the background. Whether or not it is a gameplay made by one of us, or a live gameplay that we’re playing as we’re talking.


Remember we real.


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