Big Sean’s I Decided-n-The King and I

So I originally had actually four videos out today, including a review/reaction of Jidenna’s new single The Let Out. However, Janelle Monae’s people went in and blocked the video right away. I did file a dispute but this morning I decided that it’s just not worth it right now. All these videos which have gotten blocked can come out some other time when the channel’s gotten bigger. So I did indeed end up putting out three videos at least. Many videos in the past two days have been about Big Sean’s new album, I Decided. Anyways, here are all new videos.

Here is one new video which I put a lot of time and effort into. I won’t lie, I am doing review and reactions as above to build up a viewer base. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy doing it, I’m listening to a lot of new music and that’s always fun. However, I can make these videos in five minutes easy whereas many other YouTubers have to hire people to make these videos for them. I on the other hand can use an older¬†camcorder and still make my footage look¬†better than theirs. It’s not a challenge for me. Making videos that are challenges is what got me into YouTube. If you look at my first several of my videos, you’ll find some that take a lot of skill to create. When I started this channel, I put up a lot of gaming videos. It didn’t take any effort though, which is why there’s a gap of many months between some of my videos on this channel. I’m fully dedicated now, though, and knowing that I can make videos which test my skill in between rap reviews is honestly what keeps me going at this. So, here is the Evolution of the Rock:

Ai ai,