Many, Many, Many New Reviews

Hey everyone, I know I keep saying I’m going to be posting on here more often. I just keep forgetting. I’m sorry for that. However, YouTube has actually started to take off ever since the Cutlock Crew started in their new direction. Again, only I’ve been present in our videos so far but the other members of the crew will come eventually. That being said, I’ve posted multiple videos a day sometimes. However, here are the reviews of which I am the most proud:

Now, if you guys have noticed, I try to do fresh reviews. That means, I try to review a song either the day it comes out, or the day right after. If not, I don’t do it. This means I don’t get usually review songs by huge artist. The hugest I’ve done are The Gorillaz and Missy Elliot. That’s specifically music videos, though. If we’re including everything, then I’ve done Yasiin Bey, J. Cole and T.I.


Ai Ai,