Plenty of New Content Up

Hey everyone, sorry for taking another sabbatical on this thing. Running a blog is kind of hard when you’re also trying to run a YouTube channel at the same time. So, most of the content I’ve posted between last time and now has continued to be of Star Wars: Battlefront. However, I have done some videos of Battlefield: Hardline and have started doing tribute videos to my favorite movies. Here are the two I’ve done already:

Batman Returns:

Marvel Cinematic Universe [25+ minutes]:

Now I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that some of my recent videos of Star Wars: Battlefront have been Rap Talks? Now Rap Talk was the purpose of this blog in the first place. The most popular one that I posted was my ranking of OutKast albums. So here’s that if you guys would like to check it out:

One Love,






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