Fetty Wap-Young Thug Joint Album

So apparently Fetty Wap and Young Thug are doing a joint album. A little while ago, I would have said – if true, get ready for the most incoherent, garbled album of all time. However, given that ColleGrove is out I will simply say that they will have trouble in that regard. Now let me straight up say, that while I find Fetty Wap’s songs to be complete trash – I have enjoyed Young Thug.

I have not enjoyed any single one of Young Thug’s solo songs at all, but as a feature he’s always pretty good. He’s like 2Chainz in that regard, I don’t care for any of his solo songs but he always rips it up on a feature. The best example of this would be “Peanut Butter Jelly”, which was released on the TI EP Da ‘Nic. While Da ‘Nic was TIP’s EP, I will say in full confidence that “Peanut Butter Jelly” was the first time I listened to the Thugger and say, damn that was good.

Anyways, on to this actual joint album. It’s a possibility. Fetty Wap has not straight up said that it is something he will do, but it is a possibility. For the Thugger fans out there, I say have fun. To everyone else out there, just pray it doesn’t get any radio hits.



Ill Mind of Hopsin 8 and Goodbye Chief?

So a lot of news hitting rap stands this week. First and foremost, is Chief Keef really done? I mean, he put up two tweets on Twitter announcing it. Why? Other people are stealing his style. Now I’ve got a video coming out that talks about this very thing, well, addresses it. The Chief is cool but he’s not in my top five, or my top ten, maybe my top fifty. You know, if you’re done I’m cool, if you’re trolling I’m indifferent.

Hopsin on the other hand has dropped the ILL Mind of Hopsin 8. Remember when Hopsin really started to become a name? I used to have people tell me “Hey man, you should check out Hopsin. He’s got the style of Tupac but the flow of Eminem”. I had three different people tell me that and I overheard two other people saying it. That same line. Unchanged. That line exactly. No difference. That same line. It was by the third time I heard someone say it that I was wondering, is this guy a chain email? You know, tell one of your friends about Hopsin and tell them that if they don’t tell four other guys about him, they going to die! Yeah, check out the track though, which has dropped right after he left Funk Volume.


Untitled Unmastered Review

What better way to start off this blog than by posting the review of Kendrick Lamar’s latest album, the impromptu Untitled Unmastered. This is a great album and we see Kendrick doing some unexpected stuff, some exciting stuff and some dope shiet as well. Now, here’s me, reviewing this album while playing Star Wars: Battlefront, ain’t that a trick?

Remember, we real.